Mods for bright speaker?

I was looking at the Monitor Audio Bronze 2. It has been reviewed better than Acoustic Energy EVO 1 or Jamo but I'm afraid it will be too bright with Yamaha receiver. What Hi-Fi ended up pairing the Acoustic Energy (instead of B&W 303's)with a Sony for just this reason.
I've heard of 1) tissue paper over the tweeter and 2) using felt rings around tweeter. Is there any simple mod to the x-over (add a capacitor)? Or should I just go with the Acoustic Energy?
In don't know the speaker you propose modifying, either personally or by reputation. I would suggest that you not buy a product that you feel you need to "fix" to make it okay for you. Unless you enjoy tinkering for its own sake, that is. If you are "wed" to the Yamaha borrow the speakers and take them home. Same with the AEs. As for the AEs they are hardly the ultimate in transparency but I doubt that they would "filter out" nasties from a bright source. It is too good a speaker for that.
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Very good advice Cloudgif, I would never buy a product knowing there may be a problem with a component I am not willing to change- that dreaded word synergy.
I agree with the above advice. I have heard the Monitor Audio's but not the Bronze 2. They are revealing speakers and are not bright when set up properly, but they are not forgiving to any grain or harsh electronics on the front end. If you are not planning to upgrade the Yamaha then find the speaker that works well with it (system synergy is very important). If you think you might upgrade the Yamaha in the not too distant future, evaluate the speakers on their own merit and then worry about what electronics you need on the front end to get the most out of them. By the way, if you haven't figured it out, this is the way to "audiophilia", the constant pursuit of upgrading a piece of equipment to find that it makes that other piece of equipment sound bad, and so you must upgrade it--but then... well you know what happens then.
Walker Audio High Definition Links
Awesome product
Analysis plus oval 9 speaker cables tend to take some brightness out of a system.
Ncarv, and all thanks for the advice. I will try the Monitor Audio Bronze and if it's too bright then probably just pass on it.

How about Walker Audio High Definition Links for Thiel speakers? But I've always wanted to like Thiel but except for the new 1.6, the highs kill my ears. Even with McIntosh tube gear. What a bummer. Do you think they would fix the Thiels?
I have the links. I was skeptical at first, but they do make a difference. However, it doesn't sound like a high frequency roll off, which is what would help overly bright speakers. It does seem to take a slight edge off. According to Lloyd Walker, it's ultra high frequencies that it attenuates that reduces that high frequency glare. The perceived high frequency when using these just seems a little clearer and cleaner. In the end, I doubt they would work for you on the Thiels, but having not tried it I can not say for sure. I tend to agree with you regarding these speakers, I too have found them to be tilted up a bit in the high frequencies and I don't really care for that.
Try Cardas interconnects