Mods for Audio Research preamps????

Does anyone know about mods available for Audio Research Preamps?

I think that Great Northern Sound are specialists in this topic. On that, most of the upgrades or mods you can expect go back to replacement and tweaking of some sort...but the circuitboard itself remains the same. So, there are upgrades or replacements of spec parts can really be called a "mod."
the great northern sound company offers mods. Try for information.
Don`t know of any mods.But ARC may have an upgrade,contact them.Depends what model and age.You would be surprised what new caps and low noise resistors in the signal path can do for the sound.
Which preamp?

Just need to add a comment. There are pro and cons to mods.First I would contact ARC.Depending on your model, an upgrade I believe, would yield the best results.

If you are leaning toward the mod ave run a thread on the pros and cons first.

Good luck,Jim