Modright Sony DVP-NS999 owners, your thoughts?

Anyone own this unit that was given a rave review @ Positive Feedback?

I have been looking for a "universal" machine that can do it all (who isn't?) but still have a huge "redbook" CD collection, so am mainly interested to hear how it compares to say an Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 or something similar.

Try this link for the
ModWright SonyDVP 999ES
Hi Denf,

I just got my Modwright Sony 999ES Signature Truth yesterday
from fsaudio. I was looking for a player that could do
both redbook and SACD. My current player is an Ah! Njoe
Tjoeb 4000 with upsampler. The Modwright unit is a big
step up from the Ah!. The Sony has a larger soundstage,
more detail and sounds much more organic. Very smooth
and refined. I have not really done any serious listening
yet so take my comments in the proper context. These are
just the seat of the pants reactions to the unit so far.

Frank Stuppel from was very helpful. He also
sell's the Audio Aero line. According to Frank the the
Modwright unit is on par with the Audio Aero Prima. The
Prima is about 80% of the Capitole but at less than 1/3 the cost. The new Capitole is running near $9K now! You can get
them used for about $5K but they are hard to find. With
the Modwright you get SACD capablities for about half the
cost of a used Capitole. And yes, the Modwrights SACD performace is excellent.

Hope this helps. Email me if you have any questions

Cmach I am glad you have now your Sony Mod, Enjoy it.
I almost email Dan a, to thank Him again,
I am listening while on this site.I dont know
How Dan does it, I have mine for a year now.By the
way I might upgrade to umbilical cryod silver,
power tube output, Robert Levi, from positive feedback
is highly recommending it.