Modright Oppo 105 vs Krell 505

Which would you choose and why? Thanks for any input.

Ag insider logo xs@2xrvito
Haven't done that one but have a modded Oppo and have done enough mods to know they pretty much always are better than anything around the same price, and often times better than anything even at multiples of the modded price. The reason is pretty simple: with mods a lot more of your money goes into the parts. The downside used to be lower resale. But that was years ago. Now it seems more people know mods are legit and reliable and outperform. Another thing about mods nobody mentions, once you start it gets you thinking how this stuff really works, a plus in itself. So lets say you get something like the Krell and then want to upgrade. Your option is pretty much sell the Krell and buy something else. But with the mod you are already thinking about upgrading some part, doing another mod in other words. Which is always a lot more cost effective.

About the only reason to get the Krell is familiarity. Nobody will ever give you a funny look like you can get from people who don't know very much. Advertising really does work, you know?