Modifying Gain on a Pass Aleph Ono

I have a problem with a Pass Aleph Ono, Classe CP 65 and an Alesis Masterlink ML 9600. There is no level adjuster or trim on the Masterlink that allows the user to control the level of signal going to the Hard Disk. I bought the Masterlink to record vinyl LPs but I find that the level of signal going into the Masterlink from the Aleph Ono via the CP 65 is way too hot. I know that you can adjust the Gain on the Aleph Ono and reduce it by 14dB, my problem is how do you do this? I contacted Wayne Colburn at Pass Labs but he referred me to the manual. I need a step by step set of instructions, an idiot's guide if you will, as I am not technical. The instruction manual is not detailed enough in this regard. I can also reduce the Gain on the CP-65 by 12dB but this does not give any improvement at all. It has now been recommended to me by Alesis that I should get a Mixer which will enable me to control the signal going to the Masterlink. If this is an option, does anybody know what kind of a mixer would be suitable? I don't want to end up getting a poor quality component that will compromise my components' performance. My cartridge is the Van den Hul Frog which has a 0.65mv output.

Can anybody here offer any solutions? Surely, users of the Masterlink who record vinyl must have experienced this problem before? It has me confused.

At the diyaudio board you will find a Pass forum full of dedicated Pass diy folks.
I'd ask there.

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Give the manual another try. I found that it describes the process of adjusting gain very well. All you need to do is install jumpers in the appropriate locations. For color pics, refer to

Oops. I thought you were referring to the Xono -- and not the Aleph Ono. It might be possible that the procedure is the same since they use the same board. Best of luck.

I have an Ono, it is simple. Simply remove the cover. Look down at the circuit board. You'll notice its dual mono.

On each channel, there are two jumpers, one is located near a big cap, all 4 are CLEARLY marked. One set of jumpers reduces gain by 4dB, the other by 10dB. Note that not all Ono's have this capability, only the later ones do. Simple put jumpers on this pins to reduce gain. With all jumpers removed gain is full, and the Ono has lots of it. Email me if you're still confused.