Modifying for new Tweeters

Hello everyone,

I was just u if anyone has heard of Morel MDT 30S tweeters,and are they as good as some claim them to be? I know speaker manufacturers have been using the Morel 30 for the last 30 years or so,and I believe they have been replaced with the Morel 308.The 30S have been around for approximately 10 or so years now.I am presently using a pair of Vifa XT 19, coupled with Satori 6 inch midbass drivers.My query is aside from what some have claimed to say that the Morels are more open and detailed if comparing them to the Vifa.And apparently thet can handle a lot of power and not start to compress at higher litening levels.But What I really want to know is if they are neutral and laid back
and not cause listeningl fatige for xtened periods of time.Are they smooth and easy to listen to?
Has anybody out there have ant experience with Morel 30S tweeters?.And are they smooth and easy to listen to?

Any feedback on this subject would be highly welcomed.
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