Modifying a cd player to use as a DAC

Is it possible to add a digital input to a cd player in order to use it as a DAC so you can use another digital source, such as a PC, instead of the transport in the player?

I have a jolida jd 100 which has a 24/96 Burr Brown DAC. I want to play 16/44.1, 16/48, 24/48, and 24/96 2 channel audio recordings from my PC through the jolida. Has anyone ever done this? Do you think I'm crazy? I would put my player under the knife in a second if I knew was possible and if I had some instruction! Would anyone care to help? This could be a very valuable mod to anyone who wants to play music from their PC, or any digital source for that matter, but doesn't want to buy another component.
Sure it's doable but how easy depends on the circuit and the components. The first thing needed is a full schematic.

BTW, I wouldn't bother.

Non-trivial, but it can be done. Probably requires adding a CODEC chip and some switching logic for LRCLK, BCLK, SDATA.