modify CD25 or buy new CDP...


I am feeling the need to upgrade my CDP somehow. I am a bit torn on whether or not to just modify my current Music Hall CD25 or buy a new CDP.
The short list of CDP's that I could afford used are pretty much as follows (under $2500 new / $1500 used quality CDP):
Primare D-30.2
Vecteur L4.2
Arcam FMJCD23

I have never heard a modified CD25 and just am not sure how it would stack up against CDP's in my price range.
My current system consists of the Vecteur I-4 integrated and PSB Silver-i's.

Thanks for any insight.
Thanks for the comments so far.

My complaint of the CD25 is that it just seems a bit lackadaisical. I hooked up a friends Arcam Aplha9, the music just had more vigor and punch to it. The Acram just had better PRAT.
I just wondering if modifications to the CD25 will bring the unit to that level?


I do not think it would, however, there are many different modifications for the CD25 that can be done. I can only speak about the modded player that I have.

That said, british gear is known for PRAT. My player may not have the PRAT of an Arcam, but it does have presence, texture, air, more of the analog sound but not skimping on detail. Quite enjoyable.

Sounds like you may want to look into the Arcam CD23.

I happen to own a heavily modified CD 25 that I bought from Underwood Hifi. While not cheap,($870) It is still a lot less expensive than the Arcam or Cary 308t. I listened to an unmodified CD 25 and before I bought my unit,I had the NAD 541i that happened to be the cats meow at the time. There were differences no doubt in my eyes and ears. Bass was very controlled and overall sound was quite smooth. But thats just my ears, yours may be different. Do yourself a favor and see if you can borrow one and then make up your mind. Good luck!