modify CD25 or buy new CDP...


I am feeling the need to upgrade my CDP somehow. I am a bit torn on whether or not to just modify my current Music Hall CD25 or buy a new CDP.
The short list of CDP's that I could afford used are pretty much as follows (under $2500 new / $1500 used quality CDP):
Primare D-30.2
Vecteur L4.2
Arcam FMJCD23

I have never heard a modified CD25 and just am not sure how it would stack up against CDP's in my price range.
My current system consists of the Vecteur I-4 integrated and PSB Silver-i's.

Thanks for any insight.

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I did the following 'simple' upgrades on my CD25:
- upgraded op-amps
- upgraded RCA connectors
- Black Hole 2 dampening throughout the casing
- added IEC connector with upgraded power cord

After everything was done, the sound really smoothed out. I preferred the improved sound of the CD25 when compared side-by-side testing with my brother's AES tube CD player, which cost twice as much.