Modify Audio Research to 220Volts

Hi Guys, I currently have an ARC Vt100 Power Amp.(110Volts/60Hz). I intend to move to a country which have 220 Volts/50Hz. Is it possible to modify the Vt100 to work on 220 Volts? What are the changes consist(can I do it by myself)? Thank you very much. Roger.
This can be easilly done by a certified technician. The transformer has extra taps that can be rewired for 220v capability. I had a ARC classic 60 110v that I converted to 220v for my dad abroad. Please do not attempt to do it yourself unless you know what to do. You might end up blowing up the unit and electrocuting yourself. Please consult professional advice. j
Not all ARC amps have a convertible transformer and extra taps for the conversion. I have heard from ARC that the VT100 Mk II sold in the U.S. requires a new transformer and so is a fairly expensive conversion. I do not know if this is true of the original version as well. I'd check with ARC or an authorized service representative; either can check the scehmatics and quickly let you know.