Modifiying PrimaLuna Prologue One

Has anyone heard of modifying a PrmiaLuna Prologue One integrated amplfier? I'm not talking about tube-rolling, but switching out the Rel-Cap and Nichicon coupling capacitors and upgrading to something else (Solen, Hovland, Cardas, etc). I'm considering it, as I've been told by some DIY guys it can improve the sonic character of the amp more than an aftermarket power cord can.

I realize this is done all the time on more expensive amps, but what benefit might be had doing it to the PrimaLuna? And, what recommendations do you have re which capacitors to try?
Good for you. Rip out all the chaep chinises parts in it
have fun. Peter
first let me 'quote' Laurie Anderson: define better....

those mod things have no end. yes, you can bring out more details but at the same time you can kill musicality, you'll never know.