Modified you SonySCD-c333es? Tell your experience?

If you've had your Sony SCD-c333es SACD player modified, would you tell us (1) what the difference/improvement is over the "stock" unit? (2) What mods you had done and (3)how much the cost was? (4) Who did the mods?
Comments from the modifiers/tweakers and your observations of what can be expected in the way of performance enhancements are also appreciated.
Happy Listening.
All right here you go.

I sent in my 333es to Modwright and Dan did the level II mod for $500 (see for full details) which included the digital out which I only use for my CD burner (read on)

Before the 333es I had been using a Rotel 971 with a Bel Canto Dac 1.1 I also had on hand to Demo the Perptual 3A/1/Monolithic power, Dac and upsampler. The system used Harmonic Tech cables a Rogue Magnum Tempest Integrated and Audio Physic Virgos.

I bought the 333es primarily for SACD at a good price $600 last spring. I was very impressed with the SACD but the red book was very dissapointing being 2 dimensional and grainy with poor extension high and low( I know that a lot of people like the stock 333 but in comparison and used with good equipment it just doesn't hold up). I decided to go through with the mods with the thinking that it is now the only way to improve the sacd sound and would improve the players performance as a transport, I didn't believe that the results would be profound enough to make an outboard dac on redbook obsolete (I was very wrong!).

Dan was able to complete the mods quickly and was a pleasure to work with a real class act.

To say the least I was stunned with the performance of the modded 333es and can safely say that dollar for dollar this is by far the best money I have ever spent on audio. The sacd was unbelievable, better in everyway. The redbook was detailed and more coherent with better extension high an low than the Bel Canto Dac 1.1. The modded 333es on redbook throws a wonderful soundstage with better imaging than either of the upsampling Dac's on hand. Needless to say I sent the Perpetual gear back and sold my Bel Canto.

The mods are the only way to improve both sacd and redbook performance. When you factor in the amount of money you save by not needing a digital interconnect, an extra pair of regular interconnects and a premium power cable (if you use them) this is incredibly cost effective. The parts used are of the highest quality and the mod is incredibly thorough.

As a side note, since I had my unit modified some other options have become available. The Audiocom clock and super regulators, the LCaudio clock, Bybee filters and cryo treatment of the components (caps, resistors etc...) used in the mod. I am planning on sending my 333ES in for some of these options soon. Again check out for accurate specs and up to date pricing.
While it has not even reached the 50 hour mark there are significant differences from the stock unit;
- soundstage has widened and depth has increased

- much smoother presentation on redbook, "smokes" (to my ears) the stock presentation and handily beats it again when using the ART DI/O (stock form) dac

- timing is more natural and accurate which I put down to the installation of the Super Clock.

- sacd playback has better definition and I perceive it to have an even lower noise floor than the stock unit.

- everything seems smoother in presentation, less choppy and while probably may not be considered close to vinyl (can't compare as I haven't had a TT in 15 years) it could be considered more "analogue" sounding in its presentation

- at this early time of observation I feel that the redbook section has benefitted more from the introduction of better quality capacitors and resistors than the sacd section but the changing of the clock has brought many benefits to both formats.

Bass is better defined and the high end is much smoother. Overall preliminary results encapsulated into one word would be "smooooooth"