Modified vintage CJ preamp vs. new one

I have a vintage Conrad-Johnson PV11 preamp which I had modified by the company with Teflon caps.
I like the sound of it.
As a matter of curiosity I’d like opinions as to whether it would be an improvement if I were to replace it with a new CJ model.
Hi rvpiano--
Your PV11 only has Teflon caps in the power supply. There is no physical room in the preamp for Teflon caps or Vishay resistors in the audio circuit.  The ET6SE, has better quality RCA jacks, Teflon caps in both the audio circuit and power supply, and Vishay resistors through out will sound cleaner, more dynamic, more detailed, and more neutral. Hence, more musical and maybe even a tad warmer. If your ears want that great of a change then go for it. Would be happy to speak off line.

Thanks for the info.
Right now, since the caps broke in, I’m very happy with the sound I’m getting.

BTW,  Are you a cellist?  I was a classical pianist.
Glad to share my insights. My daughter plays cello and bassoon. I listen, hear, and enjoy. I used to restore old Rover sedans and Land Rovers. Hence, the hybrid name.