Modified Music Hall CD-25

I've seen at least 3 different people willing to mod the Music Hall CD-25:

ASI/Reference Audio Mods

Dan Wright/Response Audio

Parts ConneXion/Graham Company - Performed by Walter Liederman a.k.a UnderwoodWally

Could anyone comment on the differences of these mods? Is the CD-25 really worthy of being modified / upgraded?
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I've spoken with Dan Wrigh about his CD25 mods and the tubed outpu is a very impressive bit of engineering, I would have to say that he definately has an edge over the other mods but is also the most expensive but what would you have to pay for a player with aan output of this quality. The CD25 has a very good transport and chipset along with being a relatively affordable player stock ... makes a great condidate for mods.
I had my CD-25 modified by ASi/Reference Audio parts. All I can say is WOW what a huge difference. It sounds like a totally different player now!

I dont know if tube stage is going to get the amount of increase in performance I am looking for. The only reason I went with ASi audio is because they are the only company offering the Superclock 2 with their mod and let me tell you it made a world of difference. I figured I would get more "upfront" mods done first, maybe I'll sent it to Responce and get a tube stage later???? but that would be alot of money investment for me into the machine

I got my player done with

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