modified M1000i RCA patch cords well worth it

A long story, but I had to return my vintage original Monster Cable M1000 RCA patch cords for replacement, after decades of use they started to fall apart. I tried a lot of different cords back in the day, but was always very happy with the balanced articulate sound of those original M1000 through more than a few very nice systems.The return process takes about 3 weeks, so needless to say, I could not wait that long and needed something to use in the intrim. I dug out some old Amazon gift cards and bought another M1000i ... seemed logical and a good idea at the time and I figured I could use them somewhere .... Once I received those and plugged them into the system (tried both phono preamp and CD player) what a huge disappointment! I even wrote Monster to see if I got a bootleg set. The M1000i had absolutley fantasic fast and clear bass and midrange but the highs and imaging were like someone had placed wads of cotton balls on all the tweaters in my HT. I was so ticked knowing I gave up a near perfect interconnect for these pieces of junk.

Fast forward and after reading many internet forums... I ordered/ took on trial a set of silver wire interconnects from a direct vendor. These were indeed everything the M1000i were not, fabulous articulate highs and great imaging, but in my system they had no bass or mushy bass and even the lower mid range was completely missing.... sounded like the whole audio spectum had been shifted up an octive or two. What to do? What to do? Thinking how I wish I could combine the two, then I'd really have something!

I just love it when a plan comes together! (which almost never happens lol)

I proceeded to buy some very high quality unshielded thin silver wire and cover from an online source (who must remain nameless, I promised) which mirrored the ones I almost bought. And then proceeded to try all the various combinations of connecting the silver wire to the two solder points on the RCAs in conjunction with the existing wires in the M1000i. And I listened and listened and listened over a few days ....

The results so far are; from my phono preamp the best combination seems to be two runs of silver to the outside ring of the RCA, and for my CD player the best seems to be one run to the center post of the RCA....

The whole process took way too long, was way too much effort and I have one very burnt and blistered finger... but the resulting sound is now absolutely amazing and was well worth the sacrifice.... better now even than the original M1000 ... Bass is fast and very, very deep, midrange is crystal clear and natural sounding, the highs are articulate and revealing and the imaging is at times startling. Happy Happy camper!

Total investment is less than $160 per set... I can't imagine any other interconnect sounding better no matter what the cost....for my system anyway.... It's the sound I like... I'm not through expermenting yet, but thought the experience worth passing along to the DIY crowd as a suggestion / project. It worked for me....

FYI: turntable is a ClearAudio Performance SE/ Maestro wood cartridge/ Jolida phono preamp. The CD player is a Technics SL-P770 using the analog output. All going through a Marantz SR6005 receiver into a 7.2 surround set up. The speakers are all the largest KEF Q systems with an HSU 15" sub and another homemade 3.5cf 12" sub. The room is 18 x 20 with a 15' cathedral ceiling and very reflective with windows on 3 sides and a large open 9' x 8' doorway on the other wall. I think that covers most of the evaluation parameters???? lol