Modified Esoteric D70 with the Silver Rocks

I am comteplating having my recently upgraded Esoteric DAC upgraded a second time with the Silver Rock Transformers. Has anyone out there had experience with this type upgrade. I am looking for feedback as to how these expensive transformers improved your unit, and if it is worth the high cost. Please advise. Thanks
No one out there has any input regarding the Silver Rocks Transformers?
Mmitch, I have them in my SCD-1 and they are a significant improvement over the standard Audio Consulting silver transformers. Purer more resolving treble, more open & less compressed, more bass control. They are expensive, but assuming you've already upgraded clock, power, & other signal path components, the trannies are worthwhile.
Thanks Dgarretson

I have e-mailed you in the past concerning this subject. I was looking for as much info as I could get. I've done the ultraclock and all I can do to my Trans with fantastic results, with the exception of battery power and I don't think I'm going that far. I will send my DAC into RAM at the end of the month for the upgrade to Silver Rocks. Thanks once again for your feedback it really helps, especially since I am doing this upgrade without hearing it.