Modification to older ADS 2002 spkrs bi-amped

I have a pair of older (circa late 70's) ADS 2002 speakers.

They are bi-amped, and were designed to work with the Nakamichi 250 cassette deck they were sold with.

My question is can these speakers be modified to work with other line level components, such as a tuner (I have an older Luxman T110 tuner with volume control) or a CD player with volume control ?

Existing connectors are 6 pin type.

Has anyone done this, or know if it can be done ?


Your speakers have their own internal amplifiers?
No doubt this will work; you should be able to drive them from any line level component or linestage preamp & without any modifications.
You simply need to find out the pinout of the interface, & whether it's balanced or unbalanced.
Then fabricate your own compatible interface adapter cabling, or have someone do it for you if you're inexperienced. This won't be very difficult at all, once you have the required technical information.