Modification for a Meridian G08 Cd player

Does anyone know of a modification for the Meridian G08. This player is excellent as is but everything can be improved. My Cd player before this one was a Meridian 508.24. and at the time I was looking into a modification that was recommended to me, but ended up purchasing the G08 as it had just come out. I can not remember what the mod was or who was offering it.
Isn't the G08 considered something of a classic piece at this point? I know it's not old enough to be a classic, but it was well reviewed, and is from a well respected company.

I've never seen any modded G08 players for sale, which leads me to believe most G08 owners are very happy with their stock players.

Frankly, unless you're determined to mod it, I wouldn't change it at all. I think it'd likely destroy any resale value in the event you decide to sell it.
Agree with Tvad
I suspect the mod U seek is Reference audio mods check it out...personally I have no knowledge of results