Modest upgrade from Acoustic Zen Adagios?


Kicking tires here, but what would be a modest upgrade from my existing AZ Adagios? Nothing wrong with them; just exploring the world of audio. By modest I mean +$2000 in price from the AZ's price - if you had to measure by monetary value.

Listening habits are all over the place: Rush to Nick Drake to Tori Amos to Yellowjackets to Dead Can Dance. Amp is an LSA Statement integrated (150W), though I may use a Decware Torii Jr. SET amp (25w) in the near future.

Thanks for your patience,

@soix I've always been curious about Joseph Audio - never heard anything but good about them. Still, the $7200, overseas-shipping tag puts me off. I'm thinking can I get something that's a modest upgrade in the $4K-$5K range (used)?
Sorry @simao, my iPad for some reason isn't letting me open individual used equipment so didn't realize it was an overseas thing and I hear ya.  There are Pulsars currently available in your price range that are also stellar.  JA speakers are my absolute faves followed closely by Vandersteen and ProAc.  Not that my tastes have anything to do with yours, but if you have dealers for any of those that you can get to I'd strongly recommend you go have a listen to them if you haven't already.  If you don't hear any meaningful improvements over your excellent Adagios, if I were you I'd save up to buy some used Crescendos and call it game over.  That you can upgrade the crossover for even better results is an added bonus.  Anyway, hope this helps in some way and enjoy the search!
Thanks, @soix! I'm thinking I may go the upgraded crossover route - though I'm hesitant to think I can improve upon what Robert Lee designed. Any directions to ways to do this?