Modest upgrade from Acoustic Zen Adagios?


Kicking tires here, but what would be a modest upgrade from my existing AZ Adagios? Nothing wrong with them; just exploring the world of audio. By modest I mean +$2000 in price from the AZ's price - if you had to measure by monetary value.

Listening habits are all over the place: Rush to Nick Drake to Tori Amos to Yellowjackets to Dead Can Dance. Amp is an LSA Statement integrated (150W), though I may use a Decware Torii Jr. SET amp (25w) in the near future.

Thanks for your patience,


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Hi @grannyring  I know I've seen some posts on here on how to do that. Can you direct me to a good place with advice/guidance how to do so?
@soix I've always been curious about Joseph Audio - never heard anything but good about them. Still, the $7200, overseas-shipping tag puts me off. I'm thinking can I get something that's a modest upgrade in the $4K-$5K range (used)?
Thanks, @soix! I'm thinking I may go the upgraded crossover route - though I'm hesitant to think I can improve upon what Robert Lee designed. Any directions to ways to do this?