Modest Integrated to match with Klipsch RF-82's

Hello Guys and Gals. I've been playing around with some modestly priced integrateds to pair with my Klipsch RF-82's. I really like the Klipsch, they serve my type of taste well, electric blues, some classic rock(Tull, Moody Blues etc.) I tried an NAD 325 BEE and was really impressed frankly. Got the itch and currently have the Onkyo A9555. Two different animals in my book. NAD was dynamic. The Onkyo more laid back (refined?) and "softer" sounding to me. I'm open to suggestions. The Klipsch are very efficient so massive power is not an issue.
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Try the NAD Master Series integrated,if the 325BEE impressed you,this will blow you away!!!!Good prices here on A'gon.Pick up some decent wires(DH Labs,Kimber,etc.)and enjoy.
Thanks for the input. I have to watch the $$ but I'll put it on my list.
i recently bought an arcam alpha 9 on agon for a couple of hundred bucks and i'm really happy with it--rated at 65w/ch, but it roars w/lots of transparency. it's predecessors were a nad 325 (lots of oomph, but somewhat unrefined) and an 85w denon integrated (not much high end detail). i have also auditioned your onkyo 955 but didn't quite grasp the accolades reaped upon it--it was okay, but as you put it, sorta laid back, not dynamic and forward like the arcam or nad.
all that said, i think you'd be well served with an arcam; alternatively you can find used rega or creek in the same price range; any of these will provide a considerable level of refinement, esp. since you don't need a ton of power.
Interesting. Your opinion of the Onkyo is mirroring mine. I thought the "smoothness" I'd read about might tame the horns just a bit. Though these are the smoothest Klipsch I've yet heard. The little NAD seemed to have more "balls" for lack of a better term. My girlfriend liked it better too. I tried an arcam once but received a bad unit and didn't go back. I've considered the Audio Refinement Complete too, based upon reviews. I ive in an area where listening to different amps isn't possible so I rely on the good folks here for their input.
i better grasp where you're coming from. if you're soured on arcam, get a cambridge audio--i see their 65w units (i think the model is 640) for as little as $300 on these pages. very nice, neutral sounding piece--certainly more lively than the onkyo, probably not as forward or ballsy as the nad though a little more refined. it's a real safe pick and won't be too bright for your klipsches.
Can't condemn the Arcams, the only one I tried went sour. I'm playing in the $500.00 range, that way I don't tie up lots of cash. I had looked at the Cambridge then saw they have a new line out. That's an interesting option. I appreciate the input.
Ok, I sprung for a Cambridge 640. I also have an offer to buy an Arcam Alpha 8 I think. I may just hold a shoot-off with the Onkyo A9555. Hate to tie up the $$ but it could make for some fun on these cold NY nights.
cool. please let us know the results. klipsches are quirky, so it'll be interesting to see the synergy with the different amps.
Yeah, I'll post the results as my ears hear it. The Onkyo is a fine sounding amp. I kind of miss the more lively sound the little NAD provided. Rule of thumb with Klipsch's are to pair a smoother amp with them to tame the horn. Some guys love tubes for that purpose. In this case the Onkyo may have sanded them a little too smooth. Depends on taste I guess. With my electric blues, I prefer that "edge" I guess is the way to put it.
Ok, first impressions on the Cambridge A640 vs the Onkyo A9555. After some extensive listening last night I have the following impressions. The Cambridge provides a more "forward" presentation. Some might call it livelier. The Onkyo is more reserved and a tad smoother in my book. For my listening tastes I like the livelier presentation of the Cambridge. It sounds similar to the NAD C325 BEE I had. Others may prefer that smoother, rounder sound of the Onkyo. Both very nice pieces with different presentations. I listed the Onkyo this am. For my ears, the Cambridge edged the Onkyo in this shoot-off for the music I prefer which is electric blues and classic rock. Build quality on both is very good. The volume control on the Cambridge is a bit touchy but acceptable.
sounds like you made a good choice. enjoy.
Thanks. I have a local offer to sell me an Arcam Alpha 8 which I may try as well.I would expect that and the Cambridge to have a similar sound. At this level, you can have some fun swapping amps in and out without tying up gobs of cash, which I don't have anyway.
Ok, an update for those interested. The Cambridge was nice, went to a NAD C372 which was over-kill. Settled (for now) on an Audio Analogue Primo Sentatta (sp?). A nice balance of liveliness and smoothness.It does have a "tubelike" touch to it but not as cloaked sounding as some tubes are. It always the snap of the Klipsch's to come through but not dominate the sound. May be a keeper here.