Modest cost DC power supply

So I had Feastrex re-build my NF5x field coil drivers.  They look beautiful and aside from a scuff or two on the back of the magnet, which were there before, appear like new.  Now I need a recommendation for a decent but affordable linear DC power supply.  The factory spec is 4.5v, +/- 0.5v.  Any suggestions?  I'm retired now, so I cannot spring for the Feastrex supplies that are over $1K.  

Go to Mouser or Digikey. You can get any power supply you want.
Should have been more specific; looking for a variable PS.
Can you be more specific, fuzztone?
+1 for the Teddy Pardo unit. Well built. Quick turnaround. Great resale value. 
Fuzztone- very mind, I got it.  Thx.