modern turntable or old school dd

I own a vintage system. A Marantz 2270 receiver,Technics sl-1600 turntable with a Grado green cart and klipsch kg-4 speakers. My question is this. Would I notice a difference in sound quality if I upgraded the Turntable to a entry level Rega or a Project turntable ? I love the Technics unit and am having no problems but sometimes I feel like I'm missing something.It seems as if these new units are so simple they have to sound better. My vinyl is in great shape with many records being 180 gram new re-issues.
Make the jump. You will be very pleased with one of the entry level tts,most likely the Rega. You may also look into the Technics -1200 since you like the stability of the 1600. Welcome to the world of audiophilia where we all feel as if " I feel like I am missing something". Good luck my friend !
As far as 'entry level' I would wait until you can at least go for the newer Rega model 3... there are several upgrades you can make once you go there.. OR go higher to the P-5 or P-7... that way you will really notice a difference and then you will be wanting to upgrade cartridge, speakers, cable...
I went from a Denon DD to a Rega 3 back in 1986, big difference! I have had a Rega P-9 for the last 8 yrs.
PS keep the 2270!
I think the Epicure 20 or 3.0 or the Allison model one was a good match for the 2270 (that's just me though). enjoy.
thanks for the advice. I'm leaning towards a Rega rather then a Project.
I have owned (3)Rega p3, p5, Music Hall 7, Linn Lp12, (2)Systemdek IV, Thorens TD160 HD. After a conversation with a guy that purchased a couple cartridges from me at my house, I got curious about DD tables since I had never owned one before. I now have a technics SL 1200 M5G with KAB fluid damper,Applied Fidelity improved main bearing, Ortofon HMC 30 Cart. I love it and would not trade it back for any of the previous tables
Modern, unless you like the old school look, and depending on what grade with that, haha.
Direct drive good for DJs..