Modern replacement/equivalent for luxman r117 amp


This I my first post, but I am a long time lurker. As the title suggests I am looking for a modern day equivalent of the amp section in the Luxman r117. For further information about my setup I am currently using my oppo 203 as a dac to send streaming audio to my parasound p5 preamp, then to the Luxman r117 amp section only then to my goldenear triton 7’s and an svs sb2000 sub . I happen to really like this sound, but the Luxman is on loan from a relative. I also know that it’s very difficult to get parts for the Luxman should it require repair. So are there any comparisons to “modern” amps that would give me a similar sound? I appreciate your recommendations, thanks.


Looking at your setup I don't know how that amp sounds with your chain. I can say if you want a sure fire WOW for the triton 7's get a parasound amp that matches your preamp. Those amps are war horses and you can check A'gon for preowned or get a new one if you prefer. Maybe an A21 or A23.

I don't know if it's equivalent, since the 117 is from kind of the middle of Luxman's development but I would strongly encourage you to consider a modern 5xx series Luxman integrated as a great way to go.