Modern "vintage style" monitors out there?

Everytime I hear some big fat 70's vintage monitors with these huge woofers and their lovely full bodied sound I keep wondering - why don't they produce speakers like that anymore? Or do they? I'm not talking about floorstanders - I'm talking 60 santimeter high monitors (size like Tannoy Red Monitors)...:confused: :help:
They still make these kind of speakers for pro audio markets. Big Boxy and not at all aesthetic; Adam, Meyer, ATC, Genelec etc...consumers will often not consider them no matter how good they sound because they look ugly and are often much more expensive due to the higher quality drivers - usually very square, rarely come with exotic finishes but will play loud (realistic live levels) with low distortion and plenty of dynamics. These are generally more reliable than consumer designs. They are often mistaken for PA Wedding DJ type speakers because they look similar - another reason they are unpopular wth consumers.

In the 60's and 70's liberated disco generation, copies of studio speakers (such as the WHO's JBLs) became popular and affordable at home (this is before aesthetic consderations took over the home market). In that era speakers often imitated studio gear but with cheaper woofers and light weight cabinets in order to keep costs down - this gave large woofer speakers a bad name in consumer circles.

Today there are two very distinct markets with tall small woofer aesthetic tower designs well suited and dominating the home market until you get into the really high-end consumer range (become more boxy and generally have 12"+ woofers)
jbl 4430/4435 studio monitor
A number fo the British makers still do these - check Spendor (SP100, SP1/2, SP2/3)as well as Harbeth (Super HL5, Monitor 40). Usher audio also seem to do a couple of well priced variations of the same theme(V-9845 and V-9803). I know what you mean as I have the Rogers Studio 1A's in a second system and love the meaty, full bodied sound they deliver.
Older Spendor?