Modern or vintage?

I am trying to decide whether to keep my just-acquired NAD C355BEE integrated amp or replace it with vintage equipment - maybe a Sony TA-E80ES preamp with a TA-N80ES amp.

I am sure for raw power the sony combo would destroy the NAD but does anyone have any experience in how the sound would compare? These are driving NHT Classic Four speakers in a large room.

I just got the NAD setup the other night and I am happy with it but I have always wanted to own these Sony ES beasts and now that some are available I am sorely tempted!

If you want them so bad,buy them.Only you can determine if you like the way they sound.If you don't like them,sell them.
go for the sony, give a listen, sell off the loser. some of the 'old' stuff beats the pants off 'modern. In my office I have been running some almost 40 year old solid state Kenwood amps and still get great sound, almost equal to some of the $10K tube pre/amp's I have. Go with the sound, not the age or price.
Thanks for the replies - I took your advice and decided to go for it. I will post my comparison after I get the other gear in.

Make sure to also try the Sony's separately: I think the amps are (much) better than the pre.