Modern monitor that images like Celestion SL600 ?

Over the weekend I pulled my pair of Celestion SL600s off the shelf and gave them a listen. They're still amazing speakers 25 years after they were introduced. You can just reach right into the music, the imaging is amazing.

What modern monitors out there image really well ?

Do any have the qualities of the SL600 without the faults ?
lots of similarities with spendor, harbeth, neat, etc...but if the celestions are nice just use em...they are special....they love a big amp too.
I'll hang on to the SL600s and use them, no doubt about that. I'm just curious if anything else creates that amazing image but without the rolled of high end.
I did the same mistake recently, pulled out my SL6S’s, which I had not listened to for a number of years and my Dynaudio Contour 1.3MKII's were just put to shame when it came to imaging and depth. The Celestions just disappeared, maybe not as neutral as the Dyns but a lot more entertaining to listen to.

So to answer your question, I'm not too sure but if you find out let us know.
Since I started this thread I bought a pair of Paradigm Signture S4s. Truly wonderful speakers on my Music Reference RM-9, particularly for the price.

However they don't even begin to image like the Celestions. So the search goes on.
Best imaging (most three dimensional) speakers I have found are Digital Phase EP-SM1. They are not on the website, but check here for contact:

I keep meaning to write a review on these, they are really special. Apparently DP is a longtime speaker company but not widely advertised or known. They will do 30-day trials.

Take a listen with you RM9 to a Proac response D2
I think you might just find what you are looking for.
Cheers John