Modern Jazz Pianist recommendation

Hello folks, I am looking for modern jazz pianist. My favorates are Bob James and Joe Sample so any artist who plays like these two should be fine. thanks
One of the current best of the best has got to be Vijay Iyer
David Benoit (more like Bob James)
Jeff Lorber (funker than BJ and plays more electric piano)
Don Grusin (the Hang)
Dave Grusin (70,80's)
Dan Siegel
Here's a couple more to try:
Taylor Eigsti
Brad Mehldau
Tord Gufstafson
Vijay Ayer - really strong recent album
Keith Jarret - Both his solo playing and the trio albums are all really great.
Not exactly new but a must listen for jazz piano fans:
Kenny Barron/Live At Bradley's 2002
Brian Simpson
Gregg Karukas
Brad Mehldau
Robert Glasper
Taylor Eigsti
Herbie Hancock's CD titled "Speak Like a Child" is awesome
Eric Reed and D. D. Jackson are possibilities (both have informative websites).

D. D. plays on "The Calling" by Bluiett, Jackson, and El Zabar, which is outstanding.

wow, this is great...I do have a number of these but there a host new ones recommended. thanks guys. additional recommendations are always welcomed.
Serge ermoll is a great australian jazz composer and pianist
If you're coming from Bob James and Joe Sample, Chick Corea Light As A Feather or Crystal Silence might not be too much of a leap. Might also wanna check out Wayne Horvitz (Sweeter Than The Day), some of the tamer Richie Beirach, a few George Duke MPS Releases, Michel Pilc, Ahmad Jamal, Bobo Stenson, Mal Waldron, Jessica Williams or Rainer Bruninghaus before entering the Cecil Taylor zone.
Duane what's up? You're back?
David Hazeltine, either his solo music or with One For All.
Janette Mason -well worth checking out - she has two albums.
Hey Ryan! When the system is down and it's raining I'll stoop to just about anything, (apologies for the hijack), but what are some of your favorite recent Shipp or Iyer releases? Also would recommend Art Lande for Ajackson1, (I think he's got a few west coast shows coming up).
Duane, I guess I don't have any real favorite new Shipp releases my all time favorite is the Duo (yes duo) with Matt Maneri call Gravitational Systems. As far as Iyer goes they are all good. Another major favorite I stumbled across is with Iyer in the band by a guy named Rez Abassi called things to come. Maybe my favorite (once again a duo) with Rudresh Mahanthapa and Vijay Iyer "Raw Materials" that is an all time classic for sure.

What have you been playing lately?
Bill Charlap - 'Somewhere, The Songs Of Leonard Bernstein' - amazing Jazz trio record!
>Bill Charlap - 'Somewhere, The Songs Of Leonard Bernstein'

I love that record!
I really enjoy Lynne Arriale. She's a little more straight jazz than Bob or Joe but her music is very accessible and melodic for the most part. Like all jazz musicians she has to throw in something a little harder to appreciate every now and then.
take a listen to Eliane Elias plays Bill Evans. It was absolutely wonderful.

Bill Charlap is my favorite jazz pianist, especially his recordings under the Venus Label (Japanese) under the name "New York Trio".

But to be fair, Charlap does not play anything like Joe Sample or Bob James. He's mainstream jazz playing classics.
Bill Charlap recording at the Village Vanguard 2003 on Blue Note is simply spectacular. Harkens back to the days of Bill Evans,Bud Powell and Ahmad Jamal. Nope Jonsher is quite correct this ain't smooth jazz of Bob James or Joe Sample. This is pure jazz trio, the likes of which I have not heard in years. I can only say find it, buy it. You will have in your permanent rotation. Some video of him on You Tube worth viewing. If jazz trio is your bag, this is one of the best to come along in years. Highly recommended.
Geoff Keezer Live at the Dakota is an excellent album. Like Mehldau he grabs some unusual pieces i.e. Bjorks' Venus as a Boy. You may also want to check out Vassilis Tsabropoulos another ECM product along the lines of Tord Gustafson.
Hiromi and Sonic Bloom's "Beyond Standard" is smokin' fusion-y stuff, and an impressive recording. Highly recommended. John
I recently came across this album while searching for Anthony Jackson.
Hiromi "Voice."(CD in this case) Hiromi Piano, Anthony Jackson Bass Guitar, Simon Phillips Drums. I like it SO much that it was my pick for "first album of 2012!
Great cover photo of her, also.
Isochronism, I recently came across Hiromi Uehara as well while surfing youtube music and will highly recommend her talent, including great recording quality, though based merely on listening with headphones via my computer so far.

I have history with most of the other nominations above, and will highly recommend anyone seeking other artist to sample their various compilations via youtube.
Correction - The female pianist I was referring to is Hiroko Kokubu instead of Hiromi Uehara, though Hiromi does have some great compilations.
Metro, I just found, and ordered, Hiroko "new york uncovered" trio with Christian Mcbride, Bass. JVC XRCD. Thanks for the tip.
Try Jason Moran and the album "Ten"
Two more I would add, Marcin Wasilewski and Stefano Bollani.
Obviously Polish and Italian. 8^)
If you're looking for serious modern jazz pianists, try Vijay Iyer, Jason Moran, Hiromi Uehara, Aaron Parks, Andrew Hill, McCoy Tyner, Keith Jarrett, Danilo Perez, Michel Petrucciani, etc.
2 unique piano trio recordings I've just gotten come from the Latin Jazz side of the street!

Michel Camilo - Mano a Mano
Bill O'Connell - Triple Play + 3

Both discs are unusual in that instead of drummers both pianists have elected to use conga players! Camilo's is strictly Piano/bass/conga while O'Connell's disc features him, conga, plus a rotating 3rd musician (Dave Valentin/flute, Dave Samuels/Vibes, or Paquito D'Rivera/Clarinet). While IMO Camilo's the stronger pianist, O'Connell's disc offers more stylistic variation due to the instrumentation (but plz don't misunderstand, O'Connell is a MONSTA piano-playa!) Great music to be found on both recordings!
The problem I have with both Vijay Iyer and Taylor Eigsti is that their virtuosity seems to be an end in itself rather than to serve the music. Yes, they are both great technicians but for me that can sometimes get in the way.
Just my opinion as usual.
I dont believe Craig Taborn has been mentioned yet.
Metro, update: The Hiroko CD did arrive and I am enjoying it very much, tho I had advance confidence in that. Trio including Christian Mcbride on Bass.
I am now awaiting Hiromi "Brain" CD again featuring Anthony Jackson on Bass. Can't go wrong, IMO. Keep that good stuff spinnin'!