Modern Jazz (as in recent) Music Suggestions

Like many a jazz lovers, I absolutely love the sound of the usual suspects - John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Dave Brubeck, Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz, etc.

I was wondering if anyone can recommend artists/groups from the more recent era (1995 and onwards) that maintain the same sonic signature but perhaps infuse their music with more modern (e.g. fusion, rock) artifacts ala Romantic Warrior. 

P.S. Not a fan of 'big band' jazz or swing, but dig the bossa nova sound
Jerome Sabbaugh - The Turn - great sax led band (guitar, bass, drums) also audiophile demo quality recording a steal $25 LP pressed at QRP, or CD buy direct from his website
Big story about it on kickstarter too. 

Brad Mehdaul.
Chick Corea, Christian McBride, Stanley Clarke, Diana Krall, Marcus Miller, Lee Ritenour, Ray Brown, Bela Fleck & the Flecktones, Jeff Hamilton Trio, Ray Brown, Bob James, Keith Jarrett, Esperanza Spalding, Pat Metheny, Norah Jones to name a few.
Check out Alan Pasqua’s release called "The Antisocial Club".
I second sbank's recommendation of Jerome Sabbaugh's excellent record.  Also, try some Dave Holland when you get a chance.
Billy cobham.   Terje Rypdal
I have these on heavy rotation lately -

John Scofield - Überjam Deux
Kenny Garrett - Seeds from the Underground
Stanton Moore - Conversations
Joey Defrancesco et al - Organ-Ized: An All-Star Tribute To The Hammond B3 Organ

Helge Lien Trio
Tord Gustavsen Trio
Vijay Iyer Trio
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio
Seiichi Nakamura Quintet
Maria Schneider
Kamasi Washington EPIC

Wynton Marsalis

offers outstanding Jazz artists, newer Jazz releases.
Ambrose Akinmusire has two very interesting CD's out, jazz with a very current sensibility, but not so far out from those you list and like.
Thanks, guys. Really appreciate the suggestions. For now, I'm trying to see which of the recommended artists are available on Tidal. Unfortunately, Jerome Sabbaugh, as well as Brad Mehdaul, are not there, so I might order the CD later. I did listen to the sample track and it sounds really good. Exactly what I was looking for.

I did find Alan Pasqua (Anti-social Club) on Tidal. Really enjoyed it. Some tracks are a bit too up-tempo for my taste but quite a few (e.g. Prayer) were quite good. And they sound fantastic on my system - very holographic. Thanks for the suggestion, ghosthouse.

I will definitely try to listen to other suggestions on Tidal, if available, over the weekend.

Based on what you said about Alan Pasqua, I'd suggest checking out drummer extraordinaire Brian Blades Fellowship Bands recordings.

Check out the ATC label.
Avashai Cohen (trumpet and bass...2 different guys)
Snarky Puppy
Vijay Iyer
Chris Potter
Sean Jones
Fred Hersch 
Linda Oh
Brecker Brothers
Dave Douglas
Jeremy Pelt
Wyclffe Gordon
Joe Lovano
Christian Scott
Branford Marsalis
Marcus Miller
Kenny Garrett
Brian Blade
This, along with the above suggestions, is just a small taste of the last 20 years of new-er jazz artists. And then there are the vocalists.

I second your Ambrose recommendation.  I have seen him perform a number of times.  Incredible use of the trumpet. I find him extremely inventive...a bit heady at times, but well worth multiple listenings.
Arafiq - glad you like the Alan Pasqua (well some of it!).  Sound quality is really good...even on Spotify  ;-).  A few of the tracks can be a bit challenging but keep listening and it's almost like "the logic" starts to sink in.  I'm listening to it as I write (bought the CD today and burned it to hard drive).  For the Ambrose fans in this thread, worth noting he plays on this recording. Nels Cline guitarist extraordinaire of Wilco is on it too.  Not sure why he's slumming w/Jeff Tweedy (kidding).  Anyway, it's a recording that keeps drawing me back...too few of those these days.  Good thread you started.  Thanks.  I'll be following it and checking out some of the other recommendations.
I suggest checking line-ups of Montreal Jazz festival. The best musicians gather there:
Roy Hargrove -- trumpereer
Ambrose Akimusire -- trumpeteer
Bill Frisell (He took lessons from Johnny Smith) -- electric guitar and experimental electronics
Alan Jackson -- multi-string electric basses known in bands Spyra Gyra and Fourplay
Brian Blade -- drums better and faster than Buddy Rich in his prime!
John Pattitucci -- string and electric basses
Snarky Puppy -- funky big band lead by Michael League (electric bass)
Richard Bona -- electric bassist
Phillip Johnston -- soprano and alto saxes with Microscopic Septet band and also Big Trouble. They improvise on old foxtrots and swing compositions adding more modern harshness.
Marc Ribot -- electric guitar
John Medeski - Martin - Wood or MMW -- known funky jazz trio

Exploring Northern Europe:

Jazz-Baltica is a festival, but not quite: It's more of a jam sessions with coolest Northern European jazz musicians such as:
Wolfgang Hafner -- founder and drummer;
Nills Lundgren -- trombone, vocal
Marcusz Wasilewski -- piano and keyboards
Lars Danielsson -- bass
Till Bronner -- trumpet
Nils Petter Molvaer -- trumpet with sound effects and pedals
Eivind Aarset -- guitar with experimental electronics and many others

And finally, for the most of the greatest ones, follow and explore ECM label at all times!

Highlights are:

Terje Rypdal, Miroslav Vitous, Jack Dejonette -- trio and obviously their solo works
Pat Metheny -- no need to introduce indeed
Carla Bley
Egberto Gismonty
Eberhardt Webber
Colin Walcott, 
Nana Vasconcielos
Bill Connors
Keith Jarrett

Us Jazz hounds are very fortunate indeed, as the last 4 years, have been particularly excellent for new artists/releases!  Happy Listening!
To me, the most interesting things happening in jazz are happening in Europe--Marcin Wasilewski Trio (and Tomas Stanko when Wasilewski's trio backed him up), Tord Gustafson, Bobo Stenson, Arild Andersen, etc.... , all on the ECM label.
This is true- stewie.
Gregory Porter- Liquid Sprit
I'm a big fan of the Israeli-born guitarist Oz Noy.  He's been in New York the last 20 years and I think he's the best jazz/rock fusion guitarist on the scene.  Sort of Hendrix meets Mclaughlin playing Monk, if you will, but that's only part of the picture.  A lot of chops, a lot of taste, imaginative tunes and good covers.  The best primer is his recent live CD "Asian Twistz." 
+1 on Oz Noy, killa guitarist!  If you dig Oz, I'd easily recommend Michael Landau's solo records, outstanding!
Check out Polar Bear. 
^^^Disregard the above rec, sorry I missed the Romantic Warrior artifact part and just saw modern jazz when I glanced at thread title. That said, The Vigil from a couple years back just might be in your wheelhouse, light on the guitar though. 
Another vote for Kamasi Washington's "The Epic" as suggested by gsm18439.  The only caveat is that while it's "modern" (a 2015 recording) parts of it sound very late Coltrane as per the Pitchfork review here:

It is a LOT of music...3 hours on 3 CDs.

Something else worth checking out:  Chick Corea's Akoustic Band, "Alive".  Great music and performances as well as excellent sonics - especially for a live recording.  
I don't know if you'd like them, but try The Reign Of Kindo. There's a great deal of jazz and rock fusion there. Also, with tasty vocals and instrumentality!