Modern integrated vs. vintage...what do I get?

OK, was bitching over some noise coming out of my system the other night and the issue of having to swap out a piece in the rack given a messed up back. I have only vintage pre and power amps. Out of the blue my wife suggested why dont you just buy something new, modern that you will not have to mess with, McIntosh or whatever? (She knows Mac because I have old pieces and have dragged her in to see new stuff when back at the in-laws in DE) Given that we are doing a bunch of renovation work on the house,I think she is feeling that I should spend some money on something I care about.(I had been thinking of trying a Rogue CM integrated but granite took that money.)Now the door is reopened. SO, two questions. First, what do I really get in terms of difference/performance for buying modern equipment? Second, since I live in HI there is one dealer and all he has is Mac and AR I know what I hear there. What about some of these other brands like Creek, LSA? I want an integrated, probably SS, preferably with option for 2 pairs of speakers, for use with Ohm Walsh 2 or Spendor S3/5 (possibly Kef LS50 dont the line). Must be musical, reliable cause there are no techs here, 75-100 watts and say no more than $5k. I listen to all kinds of music and the room is a living room maybe 15 x 18. My current setup is a rebuilt McIntosh MC250 with an Acurus Rll (this week) and Sony SACD5400ES, Cambridge 740C and Squeezebox with basic Morrow wiring.
Just how modern are you willing to go?

Both HK (990 integrated) and NAD (sorry, don't know the model#) provide digital signal processing of the type usually encountered in AVRs. You'll get internal DACs, active digital x-overs for subs (if you ever choose to employ them), and room correction software. The solid state power amp sections in both are time tested designs (the HK uses a Matti Otala derivative and NAD power amp sections have been generally well regarded for many years).

Used as a traditional stereo integrated, I thought the HK sounded pretty darn good on audition with a pair of large Gallo line source speakers. Adding the DSP and (later) switching to a Gallo sub/sat for further auditioning was very impressive.

Bottom line, the feature set in some modern designs makes it a really apples to oranges kind of deal.
We can make recommendations all day long, but the truth of the matter here is that you need to do some listening before you make any decisions. What part of FL are you going to? I know a few places that are worth visiting but Florida is a pretty big state.
I will second Martykl on the HK990. I have one and it is an excellent integrated. Mine is driving my Tannoy DC8s currently (pun intended), and will be relegated to the office to run my Gallo Strada 2s, and matching sub. The Tannoys will be run by my Marantz PM-11S3, which has a lovely balance of warmth and detail. These are both excellent options, however, in your situation, you might be best looking at something like Luxman. They have a class-a integrated amps that would come closer to the sound you have, while still giving you the modern advances and conveniences. Might be worth a listen.

Hope this helps.
My first vote would be McIntosh. Have the MA6600 and love it. The new line up should fit your needs very well all in all. The Marantz and Luxman line should be on your list. Happy hunting.
Will be in the Destin area of FL then New Orleans. Will try to
find some places to listen while there.