Modern Fusion - worth a Listen - Aaron Parks

For those of you that listened to Fusion back in the 70's and 80's and maybe have migrated to more traditional jazz,
here is an Artist / Album I stumbled on in Tidal.

Aaron Parks - Little Big. 

I like it a lot - maybe you will too. 
Moffett has indeed been around for A while, Doug (though new to me)...over 30 years based on his discography.  
He's on that Tony Williams Civilization recording which is what led me to him.   

No expert on McBride.  I listened to Ham Hocks just now and enjoyed it.  Have you listened to Chick Corea's Trilogy?  Trio format as on Out Here.  McBride on Trilogy with Brian Blade as drummer.  

Looking for higher energy than on Just Need Love?  Try the preceeding track:  For Those Who Know.

Simon Phillips - Protocol II (2013)

Great stuff - compositions, musicianship and sound quality.  

Simon Phillips - drums
Andy Timmons - guitar
Steve Weingart - keyboards
Ernest Tibbs - bass

Track 3 Gemini, here....
Great call on the Simon Phillips/Protocol series!  You mentioned II.  Guitarist Andy Timmons cont'd with the band and recorded III but for IV, Phillips brought in guitar-slinger Greg Howe!  Really well recorded and played, hard charging Fusion with a groove, Simon Phillips is a monsta!;)