Modern Fusion anyone?

Fusion has gotten such a bad rap over time, some of it deservedely so, but a great deal of stereo-typing too. The greats of the past, Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Weather Report, Larry Coryell & 11 th House, Herbie Hancock's Headhunters, Return to Forever, and on and on is some of my favorite music.

Over the last year I have been started to get into some newer,modern fusion bands, and though quite different from the past, I really like them indeed and continue to explore. I always did like John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Mike Stern, Steps Ahead etc but I am "discovering" really good stuff which is new to me though some have been around for awhile, I guess. Part of the rediscovery is that I had upgraded my system which makes listening music more inspiring than before. Below are a sample of the bands I am tallking about, though some would classify as jam bands or even electronica, perhaps. Do you have any more suggestions, favorites?

Charlie Hunter
Lounge Lizards
Vital Information
Vital Tech Tones
Jing Chi
Jazz Is Dead
Cinematic Orchestra
Psychedelic Guitar Circus
Stefon Harris
Tom Harrell
Tree Of Frogs
Living Day Lights
Mike Clark

Nice list you compiled there. There are a couple others I enjoy as well - Porcupine Tree (especially In Absentia), Steve Kimock Band, KVHW, New Monsoon, The Low Life, Strangefolk, Acoustic Syndicate, Ancient Harmony, and Tea Leaf Green.

The VERY cool part is that most of these, and many on your list, are available on as FREE downloads, completely legal. Surf on over there and check 'em out...
Prophetz of Time & Space
Times 4
Dr. L. Subramaniam
Sons, Brothers & Wrestlers
Potato Salad
Mystery Feet
Last Trip
Al Di Meola/Mclaughlin/de Lucia
Greg Mathieson
Dave Weckl Band
Howland, Laug, Morrison & Pinnick
David Garfield
Howland / Imboden Project
Chizuko Yoshihiro
Steps Ahead
Frank Gambale
Planet X
Garaj Mahal
Les Claypool
Front Page
-YIKES!!!, The F- word rears its ugly head. Quite a bit of stale, predictable and uninspired poop finds a home under this umbrella. The only thing that alot of f----n artists create is a hair trigger gag reflex. Some of these fluff peddlers have done a real smear campaign to any instrument they touch, especially the soprano and alto saxophone. (Remember Alex in Clockwork Orange when he listened to Beethoven after the old Ludivicco treatment?)
-Then there's the fact that most artists are only at their peak for a brief period. Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Larry Coryell and lots of other greats have squeezed out some pretty corny stuff. Okay, enough w/the ranting; if you think Coolwhip, Geno's Pizza, Imelda Marcos and the coronation of Geo. W is as good as it gets, don't listen to these:

Absolute Ensemble- Absolution
Absolute Zero- Crashing Icons
Actis Band- Don Quijote
A.D.D. Trio- Sic Bisquitus Disintigrat
Aera- (first four discs)
A.F.T.- Automatic Fine Tuning
Ahvak- (s/t)
Akkerman, Jan- Profile
Al. Vasarat- Vasaraasia
Alter Natives- Group Therapy
Anderson/Bennink- Azurety
Anglegard- Hybris
Apoteosi- (s/t)
Arcana- Arc of Testimony
Area- Crac/ Are(A)zione
Art Zoyd- Phase IV/ Archives II
Arti + Mestieri- Tilt
Attention Deficit- (1st 2)
Available Jelly- In Full Flail
Back Door- (s/t)
Banco- Garfano Rosso
Bang- Ominomo
Banyan- (1st 2)
Baron, Joey- Crackshot
Bass Army- Karada Wa Oto o...
Les Batteries- Bell System
Bazooka- Perfectly Square
Bella Band- (s/t)
Berne, Tim- Big Satan
Bi Kyo Ran- Parallax
Billy Mahonie The Big Dig
Binney, Dave- South
Birdsongs...Mesozoic- Irridium Controversy
Black, Jim- Alasnoaxis
Blackman, Cindy- Trio + Two
Blanke, Toto- Spider Dance/Electric Circus
Blast- Stringy Rugs
Blind Idiot God- Cyclotron
B.L.U.E.- Upper Extremities
Boom- One Hour Talisman
Bone- Uses Wrist Grab
Bone Structure- (s/t)
Boni/e'champard- Two Angels For Cecil
Boredoms- Vision Creation New Sun
Bothen, Christen- Acoustic Ensemble
Boud Deun- Astronomy Made Easy
Bozzio/Levin/St.- Blacklight Syndrome
Brand X- X Communication
Brennan, Patrick- Which Way What
Broken Wire- (s/t)
Brotzmann, Caspar- Mute Massaker
Bruniusson, Hasse- Flying Food Circus
Buckethead- Thanatopsis

...It's late and there are no good C-Z bands making f----n related music so they are not listed here.

Wow, a lot of the the stuff u r mentioning, never heard of. Agree Duanegoosen, that's why I said Herbie w/ Headhunters, and Return to Forever for fact for ROF its really the early stuff, Light as a Feather. Coryell is making a comeback I think...check out his tricycles ablum. Your list is what 2 avoid? Anyway hoping u finish the list!

For some reason never got into Al Dimeola. Just doesn't connect: not enuff groove, emotional intensity, or...well as guitarist yes, but compositionally no...he needs to be a good band. Yeah, Hiromi is riot, isn't she? Wish she could be a bit more album oriented: too many styles and ideas in one go so we end upa bit confused: I find it hard to play a whole CD thru, but signs of brilliance indeed.
I love Les Claypool's bass playing but his own music gets just to weird for weird sake for me: wish he would be in a more discplined band and just play, u know what I mean? Jim Black I know and have....good but not great. David Weckl...the Synergy album is a killer indeed.

By the way, not F-N nor jazz really but check out the new North Mississippi All Stars' "Hill Country Revue" not much in terms of song structure, but boy can these guys jam and play: Luther Dickerson in particular.