Modern day equivalent for KEF 105/3 speakers

Hi everyone

I'm in need of some assistance and I couldn't find a thread in the archives to revive.

What would be some speakers (floor-standing or bookshelves) available today new or used that would sound just as good or better than a pair of good condition KEF 105/3s?

A pair of KEF 105/3 speakers that are in need of some TLC have become available. I've done the pricing of repairs, parts, projected acquisition cost etc etc and my potential total expenditure for all could be at least $1500.

I'm a KEF fan and have a very strong bias towards KEF but I'm trying to figure out if the min $1500 expenditure is worth it when there are lots of alternatives out there. I'm trying to see what speakers these equate to as I have limited experience.
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I don't think you could get a very good full range 3 way speaker that would be close to the 105/3 for $1500 today. I had either that one or the 105/4 years ago. In fact I wanted to be a KEF dealer and offered to start by taking 3 pairs of 105/3s. The rep told me I could only have one pair but had to take all of their little ones as well; I didn't have room for them so went with B&W instead; they didn't care what I ordered. The early 801s are a natural alternative to the 105/3 and you should give them some consideration unless you strongly prefure KEF. Older speakers are one of the best buys in audio in my mind; repair costs are unlikely to be anything like the huge inflation in price speakers have gone through in recent years. But MAKE SURE spares are still avalable and the company is still supporting the model you choose. I have 8 pairs of speakers and all but one are 20+ years old and still competive at a very high level.
I have heard the KEF 105/3 and previously owned a pair of Aerial 10-T's. I much preferred the 10-T's. You might be able to find a good used pair at close to your approximate $1500 price point. But they need a lot of power and they need to be positioned at least 4 feet from the back wall to sound their best. Also, they sound better when bi-wired.
Hi Stanwal

Thanks for chiming in and sharing your thoughts. 8 pairs of speakers 20+ years old. You sound like my godfather. He has all sorts of vintage Tannoy, Klipsch, JBL and B&W speakers. I do prefer the aesthetics of the KEF 105/3s vs the early B&W 801s. KEF themselves are supportive. Corey Medley over at KEF is prompt with the inquiries I've sent and he sent me the appropriate documentation about the 105/3s. One issue is the parts. I confirmed with Corey that replacement parts for the 105/3s are not available so that leaves me open to the secondary market. I have been checking another popular auction site and parts for KEF speakers do appear often but the prices vary as does availability.

Service wise I've found knowledgeable people who can repair KEF drivers but often it requires me to take apart the speaker and mail the items in. I'm susceptible to packaging damage and my non-handiness.

I've got some thinking to do. Thanks again.
Hi 4musica44107

Thanks for chiming in as well. I took a look at some Aerial 10T listings out in A'gon currently as well as some threads in the archives. They must sound amazing. I think they look nice too. They are a bit bigger than the 105/3s and the weight without the stands is pretty close. Power wise I think my Kavent P-3300 would be in for a good fight. The KEF 104/2s I have barely push the P-3300 as is. Some of the SS amps used to power 10Ts from the threads I read are quite impressive. A couple of users I found powered them with McCormack DNA-2s. Man that is one powerful amp.

I don't think the 10Ts will fit in the spaces I have in mind but I'll double check.
BI AMP with twice the watts for the bottom end & ge lost in the music. 1500.00 is a steal for this quality. KEF 105/3 KRELL KAV 300il top B&K 4420r bottom kimber 8 tc sp aperture interconnects
As good as they are,I'm not sure I'd sink $1500 into a pair if 105/3s, when you can easily find 107s & 107/2s in very nice condition for $800-$1000. I'm a long time 107/2 owner, so I may be biased, but I don't think there is another dynamic speaker that can touch a 107 for less than twice that price! Almost any of those KEFs that are more than 10 years old are going to need new woofer surrounds, but that shouldn't scare you off. A surround set for 107s cost less than $100, and they are not hard to do your self.

Hey cliff are you still out there? How about the resurgance of value these vintage kef's 5 years ago, I was thinking of selling my 105/3's with kube for $600. anyhow I scooped up a pair of 107/2's and as great as my 105's are I have to concede the 107's are better in almost every regard. The 107/2 tweeter sounds better but starts to distort at lower spl than the 105/3 maybe because because of age but on rock the 105/3's hold together at +100db while jazz is drop dead magic on the 107/2s. bass since adding the 107's i'm hearing things that even several different sub's didn't reveal. life is good.
I've seen many pairs of Kef 105/3. There was also a model 105/3S. I have a pair and can find no info on the "S" version. Can anyone help? Thanks!