Modern Day Dahlquist DQ-10

O.K., I've had some of the best of the best...but, sometimes, I remember the DQ-10's as being my romantic-sonic bliss.

What would one do with good electronics and an analog (or two) and digital source to have a modern version of that Dahlquist sound? Some will say Vandy 3a sigs, others Alon, others Thiel...but any real-time comparisons to the DQ-10?
The real deal is a nice refurbished pair of DQ-10s with a good subwoofer. With good electronics, they'll sound much better than you remember them. Still better than most of today's speakers.
EIther what Elgordo recommends OR another pair of open baffle speakers (with stereo subwoofer). The DQ-10 had an open mid-range if memory serves... great sounding speaker (if that's the one I mean -- getting old)!
A shop in Peoria Illinois has a pristine pair of DQ-10's. Let me know if your interested and I'll find their number for you. Don't forget- the DQ-10's are major power suckers.
Thanks for your thoughts. Holzhauer..sure email me their #, and take care.
BTW, my last pair of DQ-10s (I've owned five pair since '76) are alive and well in my daughter's system, along with a PSB subwoofer. Whatjd - If you decide to buy a pair and they are not mirror imaged or don't have the cap mod, email me and I'll help you out, if necessary. Don