Modern Architecture/Modern Furniture/Modern Audio share?

From Thonet bending wood, to the Bauhaus to Danish/Scandinavian Modern, to Eames and more....there is a connection between some varied tastes...and some of you have this, be it sports cars, modern furniture, modern architecture, modern art...and more (probably throw in a well aged first growth Bordeaux)...anyway. If it does not compromise your safety, would any like to share a photo or two of your system/sound room that would be fun for you to share. All of us seeing them should promise to only be kind rather than envious in replies. Thanks, Jim

(as a P.S.  In asking this I cannot now share mine, my Modern House and system with the MG-20 maggies, etc. are gone through a very expensive ...ah, as Tammy would say  D.I.V.O.R.C.E.  C'est la vie. 

I know some have, but I have not do not know the way to do so.  A good question for whomever is on staff. 

     I can't imagine why Tammy would want a divorce from an unpretentious, down to earth guy like you.

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You can do it if you provide a link to a photo sharing site, if you belong to one. 
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