Modern amp sounding like Quad 303/33

Hi, I am looking to buy an entry level modern amp + speakers, and have auditioned so far Rega Brio-R, NAD, Exposure amps with JM Reynaud Bliss, B&W 6-series, Dali Ikon, Dynaudio speakers. Didn't note down all models, this just to give you an idea of the price range I am looking at.
No combination so far has come close to matching the combo of 40-year old Quad 303/33 amp/pre-amp with B&W bookshelf speakers (don't know the model, they are about 10 years old) I heard when visiting a friend. To my ears they sounded beautifully detailed, yet smooth and not aggressive at all.
What modern combination should I definitely audition that may give me a similar sound as these old Quads + B&W, for a living room with high ceilings and wooden floors? Many thanks for any pointers!