Moderately priced jitter reduction devices

Hello all,

I've read with interest many of the threads in this section. After much thought, I think my plan of attack to start a PC based audio system will be to use a Squeezebox into a non-usb DAC. The reasons are mostly for the Squeezebox's user interface and the ability to have my PC located seperately.

I've read alot about the Empirical Audio products like the Pacecar and modified DACs. They sound great but are out of the budget for me. I'm thinking about a $4-500 used DAC to go with the Squeezebox. Does anyone have any experience with jitter reduction devices to work with this setup? I've read about the Monarchy DIP. Has anyone added this or a similar device to a setup like I propose and how were the results?

Thanks in advance. I've learned quite a lot reading on this site.
I use a squeezebox into an Audio Alchemy DDE Pro 32 then into a TADAC and this works great. I think the
AA piece added focus to my system. There is I think a couple of the AA pieces for sale on A'G right now.
The Monarchy DIP worked fine for me. The older ones do not pass 24/96 or higher.
i use both the audio alchemy dti and the monarchy DIP before going into external dacs using a coax cable. i have multiple setups using these devices and all of them had big improvements by inserting these devices between the computer or cd player and an external dac. i prefer the monarchy dip, but they are also twice the cost, still pretty cheap.
I have an EA Pacecar on my SB3. It definitely reduces jitter in the sense that it adds resolving power to complex music. I can discern and place instrument better with the pace car than without. I can't say anything about Monarchy dip as I have never used it. I went with Pacecar to reduce jitter as I did not want to add DSP to combat jitter.