Moderately priced interconnect for McCormack amp

I have a pair of B&W CDM9NTs that have been running off of a Denon 4802 receiver. My speaker cables are Audioquest Slate, and the source is a Pioneer PD-F07 CD player for now. I have just purchased a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe and plan to add that in to the system, using the Denon as a pre/pro until I can add in a separate preamp. I need to find a good interconnect that won't exceed the $150-175 range for a 1m length. Candidates so far are Audioquest Diamondback, Audioquest Coral, and Harmonic Technology Truthlinks. What would you recommend out of that list or suggest trying out? I'm willing to spend some time using the Cable Company to compare, but I'm also not sure how much impact the interconnects will have until I get around to upgrading the front end of the system.
Add the Kimber Hero (TAS "Budget Component of the Year" 2 years ago) and the Alpha-Core Goertz TQ2 to your list. I've owned both of these interconnects and think they offer excellent value.
I would add the Kimber Silver Streak. Unshielded but good stuff.
I have the Kimber Hero 1m RCA interconnect. Not very good! Flat/bloated bass, rolled off highs, pretty decent midrange. Not worth the money. Relegated it to my HT set-up. Heard the Kimber Silver Streak unshielded @ a HT store with all-Accuphase gear & German Odeon horn speakers. Excellent sound overall but some brightness/harshness in the high freq. Thus, IMHO, the Silver Streaks are not worth the money. I feel to get good Kimber interconnects, one needs to start at the KCAG or KCAT or the Kimber Select cables, all of which are too expensive.

From my experience, I'd recommend:
*DH Labs BL1 Series II
*DH Labs Air Matrix - used
*TARA Labs Prism interconnects. Go as high up the Prism series as your budget allows. I think that these are by far the best interconnects for the money. My opinion is a bit biased 'cuz I'm a long time TARA user & I really like their cables. However, I'm not misguiding you as they are honestly good cables.
*Monster M1000i
*Luminous Audio Technology Monarch II Signature (I've heard the next higher "Synchestra", which were really fantastic sounding but appear to be out of your budget)
Look at Ridge Street Audios' trade up interconnects. They are a bargain new and even better used!
Dear Swingman, I have 2 pairs of Audioquest Quartz interconnects not in use. Your welcome to barrow them. One pair is 2 meter RCA and the other is 1.5 meter XLR. As long as you pay shipping you can keep them for a few weeks and see how they work in your system. I do want them back though. I am sure I will find a use for them again. Let me know if your interested. Dredster
I'll second the Ridge Street IC's (used). I use them with my McCormack DNA-125.

Go to Audio Asylum in the FAQ section and find Jon Risch's site. Read up on his DIY Belden 89259/89248 twisted pair. If you're handy they are a steal and very easy to make. If not then you can purchase them ready-made from several places, including These have bested many others that I have tried in my system (a DNA .5 near-revA)

Thanks for the advice, everyone. I decided to start out with the Corals, but I will keep an eye out for some of the others and try to do some comparisons.
I use the Ridge Street MSE's with my McCormack DNA-225 and don't plan to audition others any time soon. If you can find them in your price range, they'd be my suggestion. I previously used the Truthlinks and think they work VERY well with the McCormack and a bargain at used prices if you can't stretch for the Ridge Streets just yet. Been there.