Moderately priced 5 channel amplifier

I am considering the older Krell Showcase 7 Multichannel Amplifier, 125W per CH. Or the Bryston 9B st, 120W per CH, maybe, maybe the Bryston sst, or a Cary? I do perfer silver to black. I have a 5B st, and Anthem MCA 2, I am no longer using.

Both have XLR differential inputs, are a step up from the receiver amplifier sections, and the power rating is sufficient and stable, considering the wattage nearly doubles into 4 ohms, both about 200 watts into 4 ohms.
I would consider others, yet they have to have differential balanced input, not fully internally balanced.

Not interested in receiver type amplifiers like the Marantz MM7055, which states “140 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at 0.08% THD, with 2 channels driven” and else where, it mentions this put out an additional 30 watts into a 4 ohm load. Same with most Rotel, and Nad products.
On the other hand, I do not need something as grand as the Mark Levinson No.535 Amplifier 200 Watts into 8 ohms and 400 watts into 4 ohms/ the Krell HTS model, which is about the same power?

My speaker are a mix of B&W and Martin Logan, which do not demand 4 ohm loads, however i like the stability of class AB higher current amplifiers’.

The amp would power centre, surround and back channels
price range, 1000 to 3000 $
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Emotiva XPA-3, very good 3 channel amp for not much money. 30 day in-home trial and 5 year warranty...
Audio Refinement Multi 5

Google the reviews:

Designed by YBA in France but made in China
Now discontinued but they do arise on Hifishark , Canuckaudiomart etc.
This was a high-end build $2500 power amp
It also comes in a Multi2 and a Multi3 configuration ( which I have as part of my 2-3-2 amp layout) in my HT with a separate preamp-processor.

Highly recommended IMO


Product Description

Multi-5 5.1-Channel Power Amp
5-channel power amplifier
125 watts by 5 into 8 Ohms and 200 watts by 5 into 4 Ohms
Massive twin stacked toroidal transformers, isolated from the chassis
Custom made capacitors and resistors
MOSFET output design using a fully symmetrical signal path layout
Inputs: five RCA
Outputs: 5 pairs speaker binding posts
Adjustable input sensitivity controls next to each RCA input jack
12-volt input for remote turn on and off
Fused IEC component AC cable
Three point ultra stable chassis platform
it most have XLR inputs, this is a must!

I do not mind point differentialy balanced, as is the case for Bryston. I have thought about the Bryston 9B ST, and the Krell Showcase, yet I feel the Krell is priced high because of the name.

I would consider the Krell S1500, if I have better luck in the market by spring.

I rather not have Emotiva XPA5, or products not made in Japan, England, UK, USA, Germany, and Canada. Power wise, 150 to 200 watts would be ideal, if the amplifier doubles into 4 ohms, or comes close, as is the case, Bryston 9B ST, 120 @ 8, 200 @4 would be fine. I also thought about the Bryston 8B ST, although I need five channels and dislike those were the amp can be bridged, as you never know if used, if the speakers were capable of lower impeadence.
For the money... it's really hard to beat the Theta Intrepid... high current 5 channel x 100 that doubles into 4 ohms.
New Home Theater requirements are very different from older buy older equipment makes little sense to me. Modern equipment with HDMI inputs for video, and abilities for the many audio inputs...AirPlay, Blutoothe, wireless digital router connection, all kinds of digital sound enhancements, corrections, etc., truly make vintage stuff of even a year ago moribund. I just got a Denon AVR-X3100 and am delighted with it.
Which B&W' and Martin Logan's are you using?
I will not use more than two players, Blu-Ray, and a good SACD/CD player.
If I had my way, I would design all balanced output players and processors that have at least two full sets of XLR inputs; however, I do realize my preferences are not the consensus
I will look for it. What about the Cary Cinema 7B?
The Martin Logan is mainly on the stereo side, they are called Ethos. The rear speakers are also Martin Logan Scripts.

The main front speakers are B&W CDM 7NT, and the centre is called HTM7, and the surround are somewhat similar to Atlantic Technology IWTS-14 SR, yet I think better.

I can get by with my current processor, but if I were to change that, I like Bryston SP3.

Problem here is, i doubt I will live another five years and none of my family knows, or wants any of my audio gear, nor cares what it is.

I saw a Pass Labs here, the x.5, i think? Back in my days, the threshold was very good, like ML, and Krell KSA series, and Threshold is NP.

Actually, I have now four HTs, butt his one is the best.
Love to hear bout old systems, i have an old Denon 4802, with a little Acurus 100.3, love that little amp. I use it to take some of the load off the Denon, as they do wear out. The newer Denon have not the power amplifier you find in this one,o r the 5800/5803. also have the 3801 mainly in stereo/ TV three channel, but hardly ever use it.
what about the Pass Labs X5 ?
the Pass X5 is a great amp and you should have no problems driving your Logans with it. I have one here on agon, but sale is pending already... There are two others, though and both look nice.