Moderate floorstanders for medium room

I am thinking about switching from monitors on stands to floor standers.
Currently have Parasound amp& pre @ 75W per side.
Room is Kitchen/Family room- about 16 x 32.

The speakers that I think I want would be small two way floor speakers that would be full range, cost less than $2000 and have quality real wood cabinets.

The speakers that I have most enjoyed have been ones with paper/fiber cones.

I listen to varied music, mostly blues based rock + classical & jazz.

Any recommendations?
I have been using Monitor Audio Silver RS6 for the past two months and have been really impressed. Nice sound top to bottom. Amazing bass output for a speaker of this size. Had a nice review in Stereophile.
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Check out the review of the latest ( april ) Stereophile of the PSB ( $2000 ) small floorstander..Might be just what your looking for....Looks awesome too...
I just listened to some Totem Sttafs in a room a little bigger than that and they filled the room nicely. Nice finish, good sound, Hawks may be in your price range also. Small in size, you're not going full range with them though.
Do you like the B&W sound? If you do I suggest the 804s. Matched with the right electronics they sound very good (to me, that is). I have them with McIntosh MC275 (tubes) and love them. The MC275 is 75 W per side, like yours. However not all 75W rated amps deliver the same amount of power, plus I haven't heard Parasound, so I don't really have an informed opinion.

Small floorstanders tend not to be really full range. The 804s die around 35/40 Hz. This type of speakers can really use the help of a sub, like a REL Storm III ($900 used on A'gon), which is connected to the amp output so no additional electronics are needed.

FWIW, we have similar music taste.

Enjoy the hunt
Spendor S8e, used. There's a pair on the 'gon right now. Will work well with the power you have on tap. Floor standers, two-way, good imaging, better bass than monitors... What's not to like?
When I was looking for small floorstanding speakers, I ended up with the Audio Physic Sparks. I really like the sound and feel like they have good extension on the low side for their size. They've been replaced with a new model, and I have seen a number of pairs of Sparks sell at a decent price lately.
my old favorite is the meadowlark kestral 2. had to sell my beloved pair but they are everything you could ask for... find some on agon and grab them, they have transmission line loaded design and are gorgeously finished and stunning ly unusual to look at as oppoed to boxes or slight variations thereof. down to 35 they are all there and have small footprint
Although your room might be too large for them, I would look into Silverline Audio Preludes (~$1200/pr). They are as close to full range as smaller towers can be, image wonderfully, and will work well with 75 watts/channel. Just check with Silverline (you can speak to designer Alan Yun directly) to make sure your room isn't too big. The finish is nice, but within your budget, I doubt you'll find furniture-grade finishes (unless you find something used, perhaps).
Your room is pretty large, so I'd consider a subwoofer for extended bass response. The 12" SVS is app $650, and I'd also add a controller (I use the Velodyne SMS-1 at app $500) for best integration. The remaining $850 can buy some excellent smallish main speakers from many different manufacturers, new or used.

Good Luck


PS - I have a pair of Silverline Preludes in my gym and they're certainly a good choice for extended bass/small footprint (especially at the $), but I suspect that your room may be a bit too large for best results.
I don't know if you would consider a dunlavy scIII moderate
size but I think it would meet your goals.
good god, man, those things are like totem would you ever consider that remotely moderate? i suppose if in the family room he could always string a hammock between them...
Their footprint is small;only the height maybe the issue;however they are fullrange with excellant perfomance parameters which meet his requirements.