Modding the Zu Omen MKII

Hi all

I am a bit courious as to if anyone else went down the DIY mod path with their Omens?

What are your experiences?

On my mod list (so far)
- New Double xover capacitators
- Adding a parallell resistor to the tweeter
- Stiffening of the cabinet
- Painting the insides with noise-x
- New internal cabeling
- New bolts and fastenings for main elements.

They now sound fantastic! And play in a different league!

And probably more mods to come! ;-)
Why don't you call Sean? I am sure he'll give you lots of ideas for things to work on. In fact, I think he kind of likes it when owners do modding.
Congrats on your mods.  Which x-over caps did you use?  By double x-over caps do you mean using a bypass cap?

I'm not a modder but from what I've read Sean will offer lots of ideas to improve Omen performance.  I kind of like the sound of mine as is and I've compared Omens directly with Zu models up the chain, so I'd be afraid to mod mine too much, but that's just me.  I did the ClarityCap upgrade myself and that hits the limits of my modding ability.

Zu used to use a parallel resistor but then I believe for Omen Mk II they switched supertweeters and found it was no longer necessary.
Hi guys,

Yes I may actually at some time contact Sean, I have been considering changing the elements entirely! 😁

I started with the clarity cap, a decent upgrade it is. But after reading on misc forums, I ended up with Mundorf Supremes 1uf and with a 0,1uf in parallell. I must say, a HUGE difference over the clarity cap!

I added a 63ohm Duelund graphite resistor across the tweeter, that really helped the tweeter relax, without negative effects really..


What did you use for internal wire and how did you get the binding posts out to rewire them?
After intense and red-eye forum nerding, I landed on coated solid copper wire, 2x1,5mm for each binding post. Warning, that is stiff and a bit hard to work with, but sounds great!

I unfortunately broke the posts removing them, installed a plate and new copper terminals.
I own the Zu Omen Def mkii’s. I did the Radian Tweeter upgrade. Big improvement over the stock tweeter. 

Please tell me me more about how the sound changed from stiffening and adding the noise x to the cabinet.   And can you tell me how you stiffened the cabinet and the process to apply the noise x?
I added a solid 1x1 inch oak dowel right underneath the main element towards the back wall. Made it a snug fit, had to force it in place, and glued it in place with epoxy glue. 

Prior to this, I used about 1L of noise-x sound paint (for each speaker) in 3-4 layers all over the insides.

aldso adding new bolts with nuts torqued from the back side of the front plate, allowing for much higher torque.

made the cabinet «talk» vanish, and a much more dynamic sound all over. Good improvement in imaging as well!!