Modding the Denon 2900?

I just picked up a 2900 and after some serious A/B ing it against my Cal Delta with both of them running through my Cal Alpha tube Dac, I'd have to say they were close with maybe the Denon transport being a bit more detailed. I only plan to use the 2900 for playing CDs via my Dac and occasional dvds through its own dac. I care less about the audio quality of the DVDs and want to focus on modding the unit to improve digital playback into my DAC. So what mods would you guys recommend with that in mind? I reckon I'll save a bunch by not having to tweek the Denon DAC. I'm looking to do as much as I can myself. Carl
This might not answer your question, but I had a similar experience with a 2900 and MF tri-vista DAC. That combo was only slightly more detailed then the stand alone 2900. I ended up going with a dedicated CDP for redbook, the MF-A5 which is much better all around. I use the 2900 for DVD-A and SACD but much prefer using the dedicated CDP. I don't even remember the last time I listened to music through the 2900. When I find single layer SACDs in my rack, I put them right back on the shelf.

Check out the many threads on denon mods here and talk to Exemplar, APL, and Underwood about what they would recommend. Best of luck.