Modding PS Audio Digital Link III


I'm a new member looking to put together my first real setup.

For a DAC, I'm eyeing this unit(unmodded). My question is, with Cullen now working at Wyred 4 Sound, is it possible to have this unit upgraded by someone qualified? Any reputable names out there?

Thanks in advance.
Check with Dave Shultz at the Up Grade Co.
If you haven't purchased one yet.... I'd suggest waiting for a modded one to come up... There are many out the and it will be a cheaper route. FWIW.... I had the stock and modded.... Both excellent... Upgraded one an improvement!
I have one with a level 3 mod, the only difference from the level 4 mod is that it doesn't have xlr outputs. It is sitting in it's box if you have any interest. gregfisk at a o l . c o m