Modding a SL1210 project

Hi, I've just started modding a 1210 mk2.

Yesterday installed a Denon DL301 cart, it's so light the tonearm just floats with the counterweight fully forward.

So I balanced 2 x 1 cent coins on the headshell, in total this weights 17.5 grams (cart+head+wires+coins) and then set the counterweight to 2 grams.

Good workaround or bad idea? What's best practice?

Get an LPGear ZuPreme headshell. It weighs around 14 g on its own, is more rigid and less resonant than the stock headshell, comes with higher quality wires, and enables azimuth adjustment. It will be an excellent match for that cartridge.

Yes, it's more expensive than a couple of pennies, but it's a much better headshell and its additional weight matches the compliance of your DL301. I used one with a Denon DL-160 and currently use it with an AudioTechnica AT150MLX. Both have around the same compliance as the DL-301.

As a lower cost alternative, I don't know about yours, but the stock headshell for my SL1210 M5G came with a 5g additional weight that screws onto the top of the headshell.
Check out for lower cost alternatives. They have stock technics headshells with added weight and a few others. It may be worth a look.

Good Luck
Rupertn do you always have to put your two cents in?
Good one Viridian

The penny on the headshell thing has been done for many years. If I can find the video I'll post it here. Grand Master Flash was showing some old school scratching tricks on a Technics 1200 and I saw pennies on the headshells.
go with kab for all Technics parts, stay away from lp gear.
Why, stay away from LPGear, I was considering buying something from them?
02-22-13: Dave_72
go with kab for all Technics parts, stay away from lp gear.
I respect Kevin and all the things he's come up with to improve the SL12x0 series, but I disagree with his opinion about aftermarket headshells. Owning Technics, Stanton, Sumiko, and ZuPreme headshells, I can comfortably say that the ZuPreme is the best I've tried. It shares the same chassis, wiring, and azimuth alignment with the Sumiko, but its finger lift has better structural integrity.

Music sounds better with the ZuPreme and its added weight makes the tonearm compatible with a wider range of cartridges, both in cartridge weight and compliance.

The ZuPreme is the smartest, cheapest, most effective single tweak you can do to a Technics SL12x0 turntable.
@ Nick_sr. Poor customer service. My experience. You might have good luck with them, I dunno. Just a friendly warning.
You can have a bad customer service experience with anybody. The question is whether LPGear is so bad that potential customers need a public warning. I've bought from LPGear a few times including the ZuPreme headshell I mentioned and the Audio Technica AT150MLX that still anchors my system nearly 5 years later. Shipping was prompt and both items arrived in pristine condition.

However, for those who want to avoid LPGear, you can get the very similar Sumiko headshell from a variety of vendors such as Needle Doctor and Music Direct. However, a few years ago the Sumiko cost $40-45 and the ZuPreme was $50. These days, however, the Sumiko has shot up to $90 while LPGear has held the ZuPreme's price to $55, and as I said, it's slightly better than the Sumiko.
It is that bad. Shipping was not prompt in my case, and communication was poor on their end. That's all I'll say.

A good place to buy analog accessories is
I would have to agree with Dave 72 about LP Gear, for all his reasons and a few more.
Thank you, sir.
Good to know, I doubt I will be purchasing anything from them.
Yeah, there's better companies out there for sure.