Modded transporter vs stock with external DAC

I would like to hear and share some feedback and thoughts as to the real world experience on topic.
Assuming you like the sonic signature of each, the benefits of having everything in a single box probably saves you space, performance, and $$$ over two units. I almost bought the ModWright Transporter last fall before learning of the PS Audio Perfect Wave. I found them both to be pleasing sonically but I much preferred the PS Audio approach to the technology (especially eliminating the need for a computer once the Bridge is available). Between jitter, extra cable costs, extra shelf space needs, more remotes, and more crud in the signal path - one box instead of two just makes sense to me.

That said, with an external DAC, you always have the option to change the sound of your system without changing how you manage and play your files or changing out other expensive components. Both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks.

If you think critically about what you want in terms of sound quality, convenience, and usability, you will probably lean one way or the other. I don't think you can go wrong with either option so long as you are happy with what is most important to you.

Good luck!
Hi Shazam:

I agree on some issues that you mentioned. I personally found my modded P/S Squeeze box 3 with the Tri-Vista 21 tube DAC A/B to the Transporter stand alone close if not better listening to ripped cd. Were the Transporter stand alone or with the Tri-Vista listening to downloaded 96/24 Hi-Res better.

The purpose of the Mod Wright P/S and output tube circuit upgrade was to incorporate a better analog output stage.

In my setup I really can not see the advantage to the modded Transporter. Having the Transporter outputted to the tube Melos 333 line pre-amp gives the same if not better warm tube colorization and takes away the dry and analytical digital sound.

As far as the PSAudio PWD design, I am sure the I2S source connection and the future bridge with jitter elimination by practice and theory should ideally be the best process outputting to the pre-amp/power amp stage.

I personally can not comment on the sound of the PSAudio PWD not having the opportunity to hear one yet.

On the subject of the Modded Transporter vs the stock Transporter with a external DAC, I would like to hear more real world experience and comments on topic.

Enjoy music!
The modwright is better then stock units going to 99.9% of DAC out there. The only 2 DAC's that might be better is the Berkley or the Levinson 30.6 because what they do with Jitter. I'm a true believer that you get everything analog as soon as possible. I farted with DAC's for 10 years but digital is so much better these days I don't mess with them anymore.

Get a Modwright with all the upgrades and you will forget about your source for years. Put an EMA and the 6SN7 tubes in it and you will never hear better. This is coming from a guy that owned a EMM Labs cdsd se & dcc-2 se and the modwright was better to my ears.