Modded SB2 or SB touch?

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to ask everyone there opinion. I currently own a SB2 that had been modded by bolder. Although it works wonderfully it does have one issue (or non issue). Due to the removal of an opamp, the signal coming out of the SB2 is phase inverted. This was a non issue with my other speakers because I simply switched speaker wires but I am now switching to active quad speakers and this won't be necessary.

I guess my question is should I upgrade to new SB touch, which outputs at higher resolution, or just keep my current SB2 modded, which saves me money, and eventually buy a dac?
No brainer, go with the SBT. Its an impressive unit and at $280, a certified audiophile bargain.
I've got a Bolder modded SB3, and I run the digital out thru a DAC. I recently bought a Touch to try out. I also ran it thru my DAC. My plan was to sell the SB3 and then at some point, get the touch modded by Bolder. Well, the modded SB3 was SO much better than the stock touch, that I ended up returning the Touch. I just wasn't going to be able to live with such a step down in sound quality.

I did talk to Wayne at Bolder, he told me that it is easier to get better sound out of the Touch, than it is the SB3. And for less money. But I've already got the SB3 & power supply and it's paid for! So, FWIW, unless you're ready to start the modding process all over again and you want to dump more money into it, I'd stick with the SB2 and add a DAC.