Modded Players Bias in Listening

I read so many posts from people who love their newly modded CD players, whatever make/mod.

Here's the question - anyone listen to two stock players side by side of the same make, ship one off for mod, and then listen to the two again? I'm not speaking in absolutes, but to some degree when you lose a piece of gear for several weeks AND fork over 500-2000 bucks for the mod, I would think it possible for some bias to creep into the regular human's evaluation. But I am interested in hearing anyone's tales of A/B as mentioned above.

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Jimmy,I am fortunate to be able to listen to the stock
DVP 9000ES,after my 9000es was mod,the difference is
huge,the stock Sony is also lean sounding cdp,a bit
brighter, bass is fair,soundstage is acceptable,vocal
is good.My Sony9000esMod, it has good layering, good
extension, excellent dynamic micro and macro,it has
rich full sounding, and natural,bass is five times better.
Its quicker, with good transient.And the strength of
this player is very musical. Thanks