Modded Philips CD-104, CD-204 and CD-304 CD player

Roman Gross, ex-designer and President of the currently defunct German company DynaVox, offers upgraded Philips CD-104, CD-204 and CD-304 CD players of the 80's vintage. What is the basic difference between these three players? He does lots of upgrades (including a change for Non-OS processing) which I don't understand, but I am a bit intrigued and I am wondering if an upgraded Philips CD player could be better than my MHZS 88F and Cary CD-308T CD players...
He offers the modded CD-104 player for EUR 1600. Seems expensive.
Any comments will be appreciated.

The transports are supposed to be the best Phillips ever made.
1600 eur ???? wow! even if you buy it for expensive it would coast about 100-150 eur. change all caps, give low noise power supply for tda1540. and some change in the opamp section. and new clock if you want.
its really an awesome good player that can beat expensive ones. i have one modded and love it. more then tda1541 cd's.
go for revox 225 they are about 350 eur at least here in nederland.