Modded Oppo 983

I received my modded Oppo 983 from ASi Tek last Saturday right on schedule. Doug has been a pleasure to talk to and work with.I had a look inside and the work is very clean and well done.

I was very surprised that right out of the box the 983s sound was very smooth and completely balanced. What really struck me though was the space and air.

The sound coming from this player is transparent yet has body, revealing and detailed yet smooth and relaxed. The sound just swells and washes over,through,and beyond you. The highs are very extended and airy,the mids are lush yet clear,and the bass is deep and articulate.

There is space space all over the place with this player. The sound of my system has transcended my room. My system has finally reached that point where I feel like I have been transported to the event. I had no idea that my speakers could sound this good. This player has shown me just how important every link of the chain really is.

Music is being presented to me in a totally different way now, it is no longer tied to my speakers in any way. This gives so much more realism to everything. Music is pretty incredible and movies are simply fantastic! The picture is stunning and movie sound just blows me away. I am left reeling from the 3 dimensional sound and realism with this player in my system.

If you can't tell, I have been floored by this modded 983.

System: ASi Tek modded Oppo 983

Cullen Circuits stage III modded PS Audio C100 control amp

Silverline Audio SR17.5 monitors on Sound Anchor stands

Maple Audio Ambiance interconnects

MIT avt1 bi-wire speaker cables

VH Audio Flavor1 power cables with gold Furutech plugs
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How much was it for the mod(s), if you don't mind me asking?
04-24-08: Kmulkey
How much was it for the mod(s), if you don't mind me asking?

ASi Tek has a group buy until 4-30 for a new unit with full mods for $1195 which includes shipping and a 1 year warranty. You can check it out at for more information.
Hopefully ASI can bring the price down to $1K so we call can enjoy the unit.
Doug modded my scd-1 and it sounds fantastic. He is a pleasure to deal with and does excellent work.


I've got one of these on the way from Doug hopefully by the end of the week. I went for the full upgrade with D-Clock and analog 7.1ch upgrade. I'm excited to fire it up!

I was just wondering if you've noticed any improvement in the sound with more time on the unit. Doug tells me it gets even better as you get more time on it and the caps come to their full values.


I think every aspect improved over the first fifty hours.I have about 250 hours on it now and it seems to still be improving subtly. There are deffinitely more "holy crap!" moments now than at 50 hours. Who knows, maybe at some point I will be amazed at a sudden leap in improvement but I am very happy with the results thus far. Feel free to pm me if you want more info or to discuss the player when you get it.
Will do. Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated.