Modded Jolida JD100 versus SB Titanium HD computer

Wanted to share some notes on these two sources. I used a CD in the Jolida and an exact rip of the CD on the computer:

1. Modded Jolida JD100 tubed CD player

2. Sound Blaster Titanium HD computer

Amplifier is a Parasound HCA1000, no pre-amp (Parasound has level controls), speakers Dynaudio Contour 1.3's.

I noticed quite a difference. I was hoping it would be virtually the same, maybe it is the same but it's my imagination? The Jolida sounded much less bright, the SB sounded "sparkly" in comparison. The SB also sounded anemic in the bass, while the Jolida had nice "fat" bass. Could this be due to the output impedance of the Jolida not matching the Parasound amp's inputs? The SB sounded more detailed, and crisp, while the Jolida sounded less detailed, less like I was listening to a CD, I would describe it as more "rounded". Female vocals sounded more pronounced on the Jolida, while on the SB they sounded slightly more recessed. I'm not sure which one I prefer at the moment, would love to prefer the computer as it would make CD swapping, etc, a non-issue since I would rip my CD collection on my computer. - Tony
I have a Jolida lvl 1 modded player, plus has some additional mods - teflons caps... Currently has Mullard tubes. Although not the most current technology I have no desire to change. I recently did a comparison to my friends Marantz 8004 player which is also a very nice cd player. They were close in comparison on redbook cds. The Marantz has the edge on detail. The sound stage is a bit more forward versus the Jolida. To me the Jolida seems a bit more musical, warm, and the sound stage is a tad more set back. I could live with either cd player. Plus the Marantz has USB connection and other provisions that the Jolida lacks. The Jolida does have a headphone jack.
So, in the end I'm still happy with the Jolida and it's been 100% trouble free.
Best wishes
The only complaint er only two complaints with the jd100 was when it started skipping one night. First looked at the new AgN sight and found they had screwed up the search engine so I went to the Canuksight and found one close by. When I got up to look for a pencil I found I was sitting on the remote! The other complaint is with the face plate. . . its the wrong color!
I also have a modded JD100. I still enjoy it, especially since I added Sylvania triple mica blackplates. I'm still transitioning into computer audio. Unfortunately there is no universal guide to computer audio that I know of, nothing to insure your results will trounce a cd player, even though it does happen for many computer audio setups.
Good to read the responses. Yes I love the JD100 btw! I'm going to try changing the opamps in my sound card (it's easily swappable). Swapping them for one that I've read is warmer and has better bass, which are some things the Jolida does better than the Sound Blaster Titanium HD. If this can help bridge the gap between the Jolida and computer, I'll probably live with the computer, as it's just so much more convenient.
Want to add, I changed the I/V opamps of the SB Titanium HD, and now it sounds a lot better. It has more warmth compared to stock, and with less anemic bass. Changed the apamps to Burr-Brown OPA2111 KP dual Low Noise DiFET opamps.

Stock sounds good and detailed, but too detailed, and anemic in the bass. Now it's warmer (though less "analytical" in detail, which I actually prefer), and with "rounder" bass. It's hard to exactly describe, but I highly recommend this op-amp if you have the SB Titanium HD for the I/V op-amps. I didn't change the output op-amps.
Wait a minute doesnt Jolida have a small cheap USB DAC? Around 1-2 hundred?
Wait a minute doesnt Jolida have a small cheap USB DAC? Around 1-2 hundred?